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We are manufacturers of changes in the lives of people where it matters most. Overcoming barriers and geographical connect the worlds is our motto.

We believe in helping you and your family to live a good life quality. So, as global immigration and visa specialists, we play an important role in helping people choose their new settlement purposes.

Founded in 2010, Kuroi Neko is powered Immigration and Visa Consultancy companies in the possible needs of its customers immigration.

We have a network of offices with skilled personnel and experienced international associates including
experts, lawyers and authorized representatives in key areas. Immigration

We are ideally positioned to help our clients in choosing the right destination and Immigration Handholding them through the immigration process.

Our understanding of the simultaneous immigration rules and procedures, and training through past precedents in the management of various immigration and visa situation, ensures the correct application forms and general credentials of our clients.

Kuroi Neko caters to those who seek life and work options for all major countries in Europe. Our USP is our transparency with clients at all stages of the application process.

Our services include all forms of immigration and visas such as permanent resident visas to skilled workers, investors, and business immigration applications, temporary work permits and so on.

Submission of requests and complaints rejected, and rejected applications, our strong point.

His blog on residency-bond.info on immigration and visa issues is one of the most popular in Europe.

With our solution – based approach, all we need is our clients to think beyond, so that we can put our best foot forward. It provides a challenge to us to work better and exploit our expertise makes each of our cases, a great success.

So, the experience stand by your side in this life-changing decision, entitled Immigration!

Awards recognize law firms, financiers, experts in relocation and global mobility of experts for their expertise and experience in the service.

Awards are given solely on merit and is awarded only to the most deserving companies who were nominated by their customers, colleagues and industry experts for their outstanding work during the past 12 months. We are pleased to see that our work is based on the values ​​has borne fruit.

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