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faq-hungarian-residency-bond-programm1-What is the Hungarian Residency Bond Program?

A new law was established by the Hungarian Parliament regarding “investor residency” in the country. If you are a non-EU citizen willing to invest EUR 300.000 in government residency bonds to get a permanent residency permit, this is the Program you need.

2-Is the Residency Bond Program approved by the Hungarian government?

The Residency Bond Program is fully backed by a law, passed on the 11th December 2012 and modified in 2014, which makes the whole process legal.

What are the benefits of the Program?

You and your family become a permanent resident in Hungary and you are free to travel throughout the European Union and the Schengen countries.

3-Is the Program popular?

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program is getting popular very fast: by the end of February 2015, 2828 people bought government residency bonds and this trend is expected to grow even more.


1-How can I participate in the Program?

To successfully get your permanent residency permit you have to read carefully what is written on this website. If you would like to proceed fill the request form and you will receive all the information you need.

2-Is it sure that I will get a Hungarian Residence Permit if I apply?

Sure, as we already said above the Hungarian government has already granted 2828 permanent residencies in the country through this Program, and if you meet the right requirements you can too.

3-Can my family be included in the Program?

Yes, your family can be included in the Program. Your spouse and your minor children (under the age of 18) are included in your investment.
Other adult family members must make an investment of their own.

4-Do I need a Hungarian address to apply to the Program?

To participate to the Program you need to have an address in the Hungarian state. We will provide you a real Hungarian address and our company will accompany you through the whole process for a moderate price.

Cost and payment:

1-How much is the Program going to cost me?

The total cost of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program is EUR 360.000.

– EUR 300.000 will be refunded to you after 5 years;
– EUR 60.000 are the actual cost of the Program (fees, stamps, etc.).

Since we will you give you your initial EUR 300.000 investment back, the real cost for a lifelong residence permit for you and your family in a beautiful country like Hungary is of EUR 60.000 only.

Our team will do everything to take you where you want to be. You will have us by your side for the whole Program and afterwards as well.


Residence permit:

1-What is the difference between temporary and permanent residence?

The temporary residence permit grants a foreigner the right to reside in Hungary for a limited time (1-5 years), whereas the permanent permit is issued for your life.

2-What rights am I entitled to after receiving a Hungarian permanent residence permit?

You will be able to benefit from all the rights that other Hungarian citizens have, with some exceptions: you cannot vote in the national government elections or hold Hungarian passport.
With the permanent residence permit you can travel throughout Europe and the Schengen area freely.

3-Is the Hungarian residence permit an ID card?

Yes, it is. 

4-Am I going to lose the right of a lifetime permanent residence permit, if I get back EUR 300.000 after 5 years?

No, you will not. The Program is designed so that you can keep your lifetime residence permit even after you get back your initial EUR 300.000 investment.

Other questions:

1-I need a Hungarian passport. What time should I wait to be a Hungarian citizen?

Thanks to your lifetime residence permit, you have the possibility to upgrade your Hungarian permanent resident status to a Hungarian citizenship after living in Hungary for 8 years.

2-Is it sure that I will get back my EUR 300.000 investment?

Yes. Your EUR 300.000 investment will be deposited in 5-year maturity government residency bonds that will mature the EUR 300,000 over the years, and then they will be refunded to you.

Should I also pay tax in Hungary?

No, you should not. You should pay tax only if you stayed in Hungary more than 182 days in a 12-month period of time.

3-Should I live in Hungary in order to keep my residence permit?

There is no need for you to live in Hungary to keep your residence permit, though you need to have a proof of a Hungarian residence (ex. rental agreement).

4-How can you help me?

We will provide you and your family all the help needed throughout the immigration process in Hungary. You will be satisfied with our work and our competence. You are what matters the most to us and your necessities will be taken very seriously.



So far the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality has approved 2828 Residency Bond Permits.

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