If it is deemed appropriate, it is necessary to choose well in which Country to take Tax Residence, as much if you are:

– Entrepreneurs and managers
– Traders and investors
– Private citizens with medium, high and medium income
– Digital nomads and crypto-currency earners

We recommend Paraguay and offer Tax Residency (not a fictitious residence but a real tax residence abroad).

Furthermore, after having had Tax Residency in Paraguay, it is possible not to appear in the Country for three consecutive years and at the end of the three years to have Paraguayan Citizenship with the advantage of being able to take advantage of a double passport.

To obtain the Tax Residence and the Bank Account it is necessary to travel only for 5 or 6 days to then be able to return to the country of origin with Residence and Current Account.

After 3 years with another trip you can get the Second Citizenship, without giving up your Main Citizenship.

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