About Hungary

A stunningly beautiful European country of Hungary has a total land area of 93.033 square kilometers. It is basically a landlocked country, strategically located in Central Europe.

The nation is rather small in area and measures just 524 kilometers from east to west &250 kilometers from north to south.

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The nation is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and Austria, apart from Slovenia.

By and large, Hungary is flat dotted with not-too-high Mountains in its northern regions. The famous, also the biggest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, is situated in Hungary.

Budapest is the capital city, also the country’s largest city, and was initially two different cities, namely, Buda & Pest.

The same bestrides the renowned River Danube, and is quite rich in history and culture even as it is also celebrated for its restorative springs.

Roughly, 13.1–14.7 million Hungarians are spread across the world today, and close-to 8.5–9.8 million of them reside in the present Hungary. The nation has a national assembly or single-chamber parliament, and voters, select by ballot, its 386 members every 4 years.

Since the beginning of the 1980s, the country has significantly lost its people. In 1999, its total population stood at roughly 10,065,000–48,000 less than what the same had been just 1 year before. Much like many European nations, the populace of the aged is on the rise &that of kids on the decline across the country.

The people of Hungary, called the Hungarians belong to the ethnic factions, who speak the Hungarian language, even while they are mostly related to Hungary.

Hungarian official language of the country, and the most widely used non-Indo-European language in Europe.

It is noteworthy that before the Second World War, German was the most important and widely used second language.

All the socialist era, Russian was compulsory in national schools & universities.

Now, English has become the most coveted second language, mainly for the younger population with entrepreneurial aspirations, and in the academic world of science, as well as a variety of services and business.