Hungarian Residency Bond Program

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This residency bond program is the newest and most interesting of investments in Europe and it represents an exceptional opportunity for you to obtain a PR in an EU and Schengen member state, and live, do business or travel freely throughout Europe.

With a 300.000 € investment, candidates of all nationalities can get a permanent residence permit, with just one visit to Hungary.

If you invest today for 5 years you will obtain a permanent residency for your entire family in a matter of weeks!

What solutions can the residency Bond Program give you?

  • You can finally travel without a visa into and within the Schengen zone.
  • There is no minimum stay in Hungary for you and your family.
  • You can live and work in a safe and central European location.
  • You have the possibility to get a tax residency in Hungary (a country with very low business and personal taxes).
  • You get a lifetime residency in Hungary with only one payment.

hungaryHungary is the only country in the world that gives you your bond subscription money back after 5 years.

Double citizenship is allowed for investors and their families.

Why should you choose the Hungarian Residency Bond Program over other investment programs?

  • It is the cheapest, government-backed, risk-free investment bond immigration program in Europe.
  • It is fast: you can get your residency in two weeks.
  • Only one visit to Hungary is necessary and there is no need for you to stay afterwards.
  • The program covers a family up to 4 people.
  • There is no minimum education, health check or country of origin limitation.
  • The bond processing fees are very low.
  • There is no asset check or minimum net worth criteria.

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Among the agencies that offer assistance with the Hungarian residency bond program, is the only one with 10 years of experience in the field that offers you the most competitive bond fee structure on the market and is able to provide your family VIP residency assistance and experienced immigration consultancy throughout the procedure.

You won’t find a better deal!

  • For the investments (to be returned after the end of the 5 year term): EUR 300,000
  • Processing fee for a family up to 4: EUR 60,000

Our offer for you is the possibility to get an exclusive processing fee that includes not only the financial and legal services needed for your investment, but also VIP assistance such as full service consultancy on immigration issues, personal assistance and chauffeur services, and a lot more!

This is a big step towards your goals, make it worth it and work with us!

The Hungary Immigration Program is the best one for you and your family because of its fast procedure.


So far the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality has approved 3429 Residency Bond Permits.


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